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Welcome to the Boner Family and M Diamond Angus operation. Our family operates
two ranches and one farm located in East/Central Wyoming. We run approxmiately
450 commerical Angus & Black Baldie cows, 6000 Rambouillet & Targhee ewes
and 125 registered Angus cows.

Our cows truly are bred to THRIVE under the tough range conditions known
to Wyoming. Calves are raised on mama's milk, grass and lots of
Wyoming scenery. Mother nature is allowed to take its course so we can
identify those individuals with the DRIVE TO THRIVE.

Our annual bull sale is held each year the 4th Friday in March at
Central Wyoming Livestock in Glenrock, Wyoming.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We would enjoy visiting
with you and look forward to seeing you
MARCH 23, 2012 for our 20th annual bull sale.