The Angus Female is the emphasis of our program. We demand our cows utilize available forage and convert it efficiently in order to be bred back to calve early in the next calving season and bring in a big healthy calf in the fall.

All this is expected with limited inputs. We also place emphasis on many of the "convenience traits" not measured by EPD's. These traits include fertility, fleshing
ability, mothering ability, udder quality, disposition and structural soundness. Our commercial herds give us the unique opportunity to evaluate and identify genetics
that work insuring only the highest quality genetics are utilized in our registered herds.

Our philosophy is to produce cattle that are
customers can be confident our breeding program offers them a unique opportunity to add genetics to their herds that will pass on the necessary traits in order to increase their bottom line. Thus helping to maintain their ranching operations as a sustainable agribusiness enterprise.


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