Herd Sires

Sitz 4 Aces 4551

4 Aces is having a very positive impact in our breeding program. His progeny are performance standouts! They are deep ribbed, very thick in their hind quarter and top line. In addition, they are long hipped and bodied. They REALLY push down the scales at weaning time. His daughters in production are easy fleshing, broody cows with good udders and just the right amount of milk.


S Summit 4604

Summit 4604 is siring tremendous muscle, rib shape, fleshing ability & performance. It is rare to find these traits today in a sure-fire heifer bull. He is stamping his calves with the same type & kind - tremendous mass & muscle expression in a calving ease package. 4604 is extremely docile - he will make calves that are easy to handle & easy keeping, maternal daughters that last.

Summit is leased to Beef 360 where his semen is available for purchase.



Mystic Hill Balance 4134

We are very excited about this new young sire. His calves come extremely easy and have more vigor and try than any calves I have ever witnessed at birth. This rare combination makes him a must use heifer bull. On top of that his calves grow extremely well to weaning. All of which add dollars to your bottom line. His pedigree is loaded with maternal giants and his daughters are sure to be something special.

S Cornerstone 607

We are extremely excited to have recently added S Cornerstone 607 to our herd bull line up. Cornerstone was the high selling bull at the 2017 Spickler Ranch South sale.

Cornerstone presents a phenotypic, performance and maternal package that is second to none. His dam, S Blossom 0278, is a tremendous cow that will continue to leave her mark on the Angus breed for years to come. His 3-generation pedigree is composed of 12 pathfinders. In addition to his dam S Blossom 0278 the well-known maternal prowess of S Pride Anna 709 (dam of S Summit 956 and S Whitlock 179) and S Gloria 464 (dam of S Chisum 6175) grace Cornerstones pedigree.

We look forward to the arrival of his first calves in the spring of 2018.

S Steamboat 3110

Steamboat was purchased as the high selling bull in the 2014 Spickler Ranch sale. His dam is the perfect Angus female and has been the benchmark for maternal superiority at Spicklers. His progeny are tremendous performance cattle with extra rib shape, loaded with muscle and fleshing ability. He is extremely good on his feet and legs. His daughters are just we had hoped for as they are deep ribbed, broody females with perfect udders.


Redland Emblazon 2134

Emblazon 2134 has done everything right for us. He is a prepotent sire that stamps all his calves with that extra rib, muscle and fleshing ability that is hard to find in today's Angus cattle. His dam is one of the best cows at Redland Angus and she broke the mold with this bull. Emblazon 2134 progeny have an average ratio of 104 for ribeye area which places him in the top 10% of the Angus breed. We have used him successfully on both heifers and cows. His calves are easy doing, heavy muscled and are exceptional for both weaning
and yearling weights.

Emblazon 2134 daughters are beautiful females in production. They are extremely easy fleshing, fertile and have perfect udders with just the right amount of milk.




















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