Friendship and a common philosophy about raising good cattle brought the Boner and Lisco families together.
LISCO and M DIAMOND ANGUS Bull sale is held annually the 4th Friday in March at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds Arena, Casper, Wyoming. Please click here for a map and directions.

The 2018 sale will be held on Friday, March 23rd.

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25th Annual Bull Sale

Friday, March 24, 2017 - 1:00 pm MST
Central Wyoming Fairgrounds Arena

Auctioneer:  Lex Madden
Sale Manager:  Marcy Livestock Services

84 Bulls averaged $4,713
25 Commercial Yearling Heifers from Lisco Angus averaged $1,200
39 Commercial Pairs from M Diamond Angus averaged $2,336

Top Selling Bulls:
Lot 43 - Reg #18699336 Lisco Capitalist 670---$14,500 to Scott Ranches LLC, Douglas, WY
Lot 44 - Reg #18699316 Lisco Capitalist 312---$13,000 to Bridle Bit Ranch, Gillette, WY
Lot 42 - Reg #18699329 Lisco Capitalist 644---$9,000 to Scott Ranches LLC, Douglas, WY
Lot 1 - Reg #18713480 M Diamond Summit 276---$8,500 to Vollman Ranch, Douglas, WY
Lot 11 - Reg #18713487 M Diamond Summit 516---$8,500 to DeGering Livestock, Lusk, WY
Lot 12 - Reg #18713508 M Diamond Summit 926---$8,000 to JW Simonson, Dunning, NE

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